An Effective Web Design Strategy Starts with Your Brand

In my view, web production is more than simply building a website or providing a web service.

I don’t just make websites — I aim to create the development strategy of your business on the Internet.

It’s impossible to get by only with taking care about the "beautiful" design and technical aspects when developing this type of website: it’s necessary to have a smart strategy, consider marketing and business tasks, moreover, you will need sound analytics and competent forecast.

A website is overwhelmingly a convenient and effective business tool. It must perform specific tasks and meet its goals, and its style and functionality have to be 100% consistent with the overall strategy.

So why do we need a Web Design Strategy? Because, of all of these strategies, only your Website Design Strategy is externally facing. Let's put Website Design Strategy into context to clarify how these strategies work in tandem.

Your Website Design Strategy is about making it easier for your customers and prospects to engage with you through your website. A successful website design strategy yields a user experience characterized by:

Clear messages, often a primary message with other supporting messages. Starting with a logo than can be used consistently on various platforms and in print is often a great way to starting your "brand." Below are sample logos.


Levels of content, from high level overviews on the homepage, to successive levels of depth and detail on interior pages.

A "library" of interchangeable content offers utilizing a consistent visual design that grabs the reader's attention. 

-Design that is "Responsive" allowing tablet and smartphone users to enjoy the same satisfying experience they get on the desktop.

 Uncluttered overall visual design that uses images, color, type and scale to guide the visitor in a predictable path toward relevant content.