An Effective Web Design Strategy Starts with Your Brand

So why do we need a Web Design Strategy? Because, of all of these strategies, only your Website Design Strategy is externally facing. Let's put Website Design Strategy into context to clarify how these strategies work in tandem.

Your Website Design Strategy is about making it easier for your customers and prospects to engage with you through your website. A successful website design strategy yields a user experience characterized by:

Clear messages, often a primary message with other supporting messages. Starting with a logo than can be used consistently on various platforms and in print is often a great way to starting your "brand." Below are sample logos:


Levels of content, from high level overviews on the homepage, to successive levels of depth and detail on interior pages

A "library" of interchangeable content offers utilizing a consistent visual design that grabs the reader's attention.


-Design that is "Responsive" allowing tablet and smartphone users to enjoy the same satisfying experience they get on the desktop.


-Interactivity where it matters - Be careful not to make the experience too kinetic, which can be distracting. Use diagrams with rollovers to reveal secondary levels of information, infographics that tell a business story and video where the human touch makes content more engaging.


Uncluttered overall visual design that uses images, color, type and scale to guide the visitor in a predictable path toward relevant content.



Creative brain fascinated by the psychology and merits of intuitive design and internet interactions. While my heart and head has always been in a creative cloud; I understand that really, analytics is relative to social media which then holds hands with codes that bear evidence of SEO and then cycles a java back to a platform where html waves...and so on. It’s one big ecosystem and it begins with the way it looks.


an integral part of the product lifecycle from start to finish

Utilize the full range of my UX, interface, and visual design skills

Develop user stories, flows, mental models, and other supporting, often quick-and-dirty user research

Quickly prototype (Invision, Principle, Origami Studio, code:)that express design intent

Work across departments to understand product potential and limitations

Worked with Product Design leadership to help establish, nurture, and promote a scalable design system




over ten years of user experience design experience for software, Web applications which leverage emergent technologies, consumer electronics and/or mobile devices.

Created and iterate on UI wireframes and HTML prototypes to effectively communicate user interaction patterns and design ideas.

Developed and wrote interaction and functional specifications.

Branding // Strategy // Concepting // HTML & CSS // Infographics // Research // Typography // Layout // Social Media // SEO // World Domination

Web designer and front-end web developer with over fifteen years of professional experience with design concepts for both print and web design. Primary focus on web site design and development, specializing in custom WordPress and Squarespace themes. Design and develop web sites from concept to completion, including post production site maintenance. SEO. Social media. All of it. I am geek chic.

TECHNICAL EXPERTISE / Web Design – ADOBE +  intuition & Visual Layout, Graphical User Interface, Navigational Design, Front-End Web Development – WordPress, HTML / XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, Flash, SEO / SES SoftwarePhotoshop CS6, Illustrator , InDesign, Dreamweaver, Premiere Pro, After Effects, Audition, Acrobat Pro, Flash, Ruby, FTP/SSH, ImageReady, Encore, Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access), QuarkXPress, Tessitura, Cinematize Pro, plus email services such as iContact, Constant Contact, Vertical Response, Benchmark, Gammadyne Mailer and Campaign Monitor. html, html5, css positioning, css3, xml, JavaScript, JQuery, Flash, Spry, WordPress, social media, search engine site optimization and Google Analytics


-Provide internet related services including website design, front-end web development, search engine optimization and basically pulling strings together to create an effective product customized for each agenda’s DNA.

-Communicate directly with clients to establish project parameters, write proposals for design work, analyze competitor web sites, determine web site content, produce sitemaps for client approval, and communicate progress with client throughout length of project (I’m well known for how quickly I work….)

-Design visual layouts and graphics for web sites, often including logo designs, branding

-Design and develop web sites from start to finish, including standard, hybrid, and e-commerce sites, or a little of all. Queen of customizing.

-Very quickly I can assess specific aspects of the design process involve general planning, interface and navigational design, development of interactive forms

-Current specialization is on custom theme design and development

-Develop prototype designs into fully functional web sites

-Design and develop prototype designs into fully functional, web sites (standard, hybrid, and e-commerce

-Utilize expertise in front-end development technologies such as HTML, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript and self taught coder (C+, ruby, java, python, etc)

-Graphic design skills include creating and modifying print pieces such as logos, corporate identity packages, advertisements, and the like.

-Expertise designing and maintaining production standards and establishing/maintaining brand

-Skilled in digital design, photography and video including digital video post-production editing


Detailed ideas and drafts of your brand, and visions for elements of your website. Digital mock-ups are created.

For example; here are a few iterations of logo design / web design for branding purposes presented to client/web.





Making the final concept a reality for the client.

The fun part! Let your clients and the public see your new, consistently addressed, polished, brand or identity!