Marketing Online - Explained


Marketing is a complex activity with regard to a brand and its services, aimed at strengthening its market positions, increasing incomes, and improving the image. High-quality marketing fulfils all important management functions: organization and planning, advertising and promotion, research and analysis.

Marketing determines the vectors of business development, behavior in relation to consumers, stance on competitors, and forms prices and product range.

Marketing means searching and implementation of measures to satisfy a customer in order to maximize profit.

Marketing finds and implements the ways of increasing your income — through improving customer loyalty. And there are various effective marketing and PR tools available to increase brand recognition and interest in the brand.

Make them an offer they can’t refuse

To achieve top results in marketing, it is necessary to know the ropes in the market and specific consumer needs, putting the existing tools to good use.

After all, the goal of marketing is not to learn how to sell more, but to examine your consumers very carefully to understand them, and then to make them the best offer. We do not need sales efforts, but customized services, and eventually, they (the services) will sell themselves.

On the way towards "its consumer", marketing should perform the following tasks:

  • Analysis and assessment of the needs of your target consumer;

  • Marketing support for the development of new items in your product range;

  • Market situation analysis and forecast, including competitive assessment;

  • Managing the brand’s assortment and price policies;

  • Creating opportunities for stable sales of the company’s goods and services;

  • High-quality maintenance service.

Why do you need professional marketing?

  • 01

    To explore the market you should be aware of what services the market needs now, what your competitors are offering, and which offers on the market are not enough.

  • 02

    Expand the field of activity and influence. You can’t stand still and remain a local brand — you need to constantly evolve and grow.

  • 03

    To promote your services and products. You need to inform the consumers what services you can offer, why they need them, and how they can get them.

  • 04

    To create a positive image and brand awareness. Your brand must be known, people should talk about it before they contact you to buy a product or service.

Professional marketing effectively solves the above mentioned problems, and runs positive processes that directly affect your business.

Types of marketing

  • Conversion marketing

    It is aimed at changing the negative attitude of the audience towards this or that kind of product. Negative demand can be reduced by price cutting, changing the type or characteristics of products, and more effective promotion.

  • Stimulating marketing

    It’s used with a complete lack of demand for products. With the help of certain marketing tools, a product is promoted as the one that meets the needs and interests of the audience fairly.

  • Developing marketing

    It’s effective if there is only potential demand for a certain product, that is, when there is a demand, but the product is not yet available on the market. This type of marketing discovers this demand and develops this direction: creates the right product, and turns the latent demand into a real one.

  • Remarketing

    Restores demand if there is a dramatic drop in interest to a product from consumers. In this case, it is necessary to creatively and analytically remake the previously used marketing ploys, and apply a more effective program — to revive the demand.

  • Supporting marketing

    Even with a stable filled demand for products, it is necessary to apply supporting measures. The level of demand depends on fluctuations in customer needs and market appearance of other similar offers. Promptly handling the situation, supporting marketing will ensure a filled demand regardless of external factors.

  • Demarketing

    This type of marketing is necessary in case of excessive demand, when there is no possibility to match offering against it to the full. If your production capacity is lower than demand, you can, for example, reduce sales promotion, raise prices, and remove advertising.

  • Counteractive marketing

    Measures to deal with an irrational demand for products that are harmful to buyers. The undesirable demand can be overcome by means of sharp rise in prices, restricting access to the product, and distribution of compromising information.

Online marketing

Demand for services and goods on the Internet is extremely high and ever-increasing. Online sales have apparent advantages and businesses benefit from them. All leading companies in the US and in the world actively promote their brands on the Internet, and report excellent results. After all, habitual advertising is no longer convincing for the audience, which has become much more experienced. But professional online marketing with a unique strategy provides real opportunities for a low-pressure and unstandard telling about your advantages.

Online marketing is planning and promoting sales in the online environment, using all the tools of traditional marketing. The main task is to get the maximum effect from the audience of your website, turning the visitors into buyers.

For this purpose, tools such as search and media advertising, remarketing, ads on Youtube, targeted advertising on Facebook and Instagram are used. A well-conceived strategy with the use of all or some of these methods will allow you to attract visitors to a website, increase its effectiveness, and persistently get the audience’s attention.

Online marketing does not force anybody to buy a product, but makes it so attractive that the audience gets strongly interested in it — and such goods and services sell themselves. To achieve this, you need to follow a professional online strategy.