Marketing Online - Explained

Marketing Online - Explained

Online marketing is planning and promoting sales in the online environment, using all the tools of traditional marketing. The main task is to get the maximum effect from the audience of your website, turning the visitors into buyers.

  • For this purpose, tools such as search and media advertising, remarketing, ads on Youtube, targeted advertising on Facebook and Instagram are used. A well-conceived strategy with the use of all or some of these methods will allow you to attract visitors to a website, increase its effectiveness, and persistently get the audience’s attention.

Online marketing does not force anybody to buy a product, but makes it so attractive that the audience gets strongly interested in it — and such goods and services sell themselves. To achieve this, you need to follow a professional online strategy.

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The objects I make are enhancements of the traditional human form and existence; special objects that hold secrets, tell stories and bring power to the wearer.